A Healthier Environment

A Healthier Environment

Grandkids Harvest Carrots

Carbon Footprint
Global warming gravely threatens Truckee’s future. It should motivate us to do our fair share to reach California’s and Truckee’s goals for reducing our carbon footprint. Our ability to achieve or surpass carbon neutrality cannot depend on fossil emission reductions alone. With over 12% of Truckee zoned for resource conservation and open space, we should also consider how to store more carbon locally through improved forestry and wetland practices.

Truckee River Preservation
The Truckee River is the lifeblood of our natural environment. Plans to rezone and improve the river corridor must make preservation of water quality and riparian habitat the paramount concern while maximizing the public and visual access contemplated by the downtown specific plan.

Donner Lake Restoration
Donner Lake and downstream waters are experiencing environmental decline through the spread of invasive vegetation and the threat posed by invasive mussels. The Town should participate in establishing and implementing a comprehensive program to prevent and control the spread of invasive species.

Forest Health
We should monitor and routinely consult with Nevada County, the District office of the United States Forest Service, conservation organizations, and recreation groups to maximize the health and safety of our surrounding land and water in the Truckee River watershed. It is time to revisit the Town’s sphere of influence and area of interest to determine whether those lines should be redrawn.

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