Author: Drew

Man trimming branches with chainsaw

Wildfire Protection

Wildfire Risk and Disaster Preparedness The risk of catastrophic wildfires in our area is well-established. While primary responsibility for fire prevention and suppression resides with the Truckee Fire Protection District, the Town has an important role to play in reducing the risk. The Town can improve routine interagency communication, promote fire-wise communities in our neighborhoods,…
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Grandkids Harvest Carrots

A Healthier Environment

Carbon Footprint Global warming gravely threatens Truckee’s future. It should motivate us to do our fair share to reach California’s and Truckee’s goals for reducing our carbon footprint. Our ability to achieve or surpass carbon neutrality cannot depend on fossil emission reductions alone. With over 12% of Truckee zoned for resource conservation and open space,…
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Jan at the Sierra Community House

A Stronger Community

Workforce Housing Those who work here should be able to live here. According to the Town’s 2019 Existing Conditions Report, 57% of Truckee’s workforce live elsewhere. A family must earn nearly 200% of our area median income in order to afford home ownership. The essential service workers who qualify for subsidized housing must wait up…
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