Jan Zabriskie and I served together as members of the Truckee Planning Commission. Jan came to the meetings prepared to address the hard issues, with a keen eye on sustainability. His legal background was apparent. He listened to the public and asked the tough questions. As the commission’s chair, he considered perspectives to achieve consensus for the best interests of our community. He knows how our government works and is an excellent candidate for the town council two-year term.

– Jerusha Hall

In this period when it’s all too easy for leadership to fracture, we need council members with experience and skill in facilitating action paired with steadiness to stabilize our community and our natural environment. I have worked with Jan and seen him in action – and I support his candidacy for Town Council.”

– Lisa Wallace, Truckee Resident

As the former mayor and council member of the Truckee Town Council, I appointed Jan Zabriskie to the Planning Commission. He brought depth and leadership to the planning commission in a way that I admired and learned from. His preparation, focus, listening and humanity were an asset to the commission and I believe he will make a tremendous council member. I urge you to support him for Truckee Town Council.

– Morgan Goodwin

Jan Zabriskie has been providing pro bono legal services for low income members of our community since 2013. We have worked together to improve essential living conditions and protect the most vulnerable among us. He is devoted to making their lives better and he would bring that same level of commitment to our community as a member of the town council.

– Elizabeth Balmin

We have known Jan and his wife, Louise, for about 7 years. Jan has always impressed us with his genuine interest in the topic of conversation, particularly when it pertains to conservation and/or community. He strives to see all sides of an issue before reasoning out his own. Conversely, he can be very persuasive in representing the path of choice. Jan’s community service over the past few years speaks to his commitment to Truckee. His education and profession make him a perfect fit to help negotiate the issues we face in this community. Moreover, his life experiences underline his concern for the welfare others. We highly recommend that you vote Jan Zabriskie for Truckee Town Council.

– Steve & Robin Cavagnolo

Thank you, Jan, for your contributions to the Truckee Community. I strongly endorse your efforts to protect our environment and to promote climate change policies to help slow the threat of a warming climate on our region.

– Michael Josselyn

Jan’s dedication and commitment to serving our community is impressive and inspiring. He brings his expertise and experience to fight for causes he believes in and to help local folks in need. He will be a wonderful asset to Truckee Town Council.

– Hannah Hargrave

Jan has been a calm but fierce advocate for the Truckee community. We are lucky to have him and he will be a great voice on Town Council.

– Stephanie McIntosh

I just heard that Jan is running for town council, and it feels like I woke up to bright sunshine after a long, long storm! This is wonderful news! A true ambassador of our community, Jan knows the importance of protecting our environment, of supporting low-income families in order to be a tighter-knit community, and of putting wildfire safety front and center to our town focus. I have looked up to Jan my entire life, and I truly believe he can bolster our community in unique ways where others may not. Jan can count on me and my family for endorsements and volunteer efforts!

– Brooke McCaffrey

“I appreciate Jan’s experience and thoughtful approach to the many challenges that our town is facing. I trust his experience and expertise to be a guiding force in moving our town forward to a better future!”

– Sandy Horn